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We believe that our greatest potential as human beings rests on our authenticity. Most of us have lost connection to what it means to be ourselves. Our truest self lives under layers of limitations, beliefs, fears and stories that we tell ourselves or have been told by others.

Creative Consciousness Corporate

Creative Consciousness Corporate offers a range of corporate and organizational development solutions that are all highly effective in empowering individuals within companies to unleash their potential, to drive business improvement plans and change management initiatives, to accomplish the absolute maximum in operational excellence and profitability.

Our vision is to create a world of business that is sustainable, uplifting and inclusive through empowering the people within all areas of the business to function optimally and holistically.

“The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made.” — John Schaar

Conscious Leadership

The business environment has become more complex than ever, which calls for business leaders with greater capacity to lead any business process improvement process.

Our team designs and facilitates powerful and authentic leadership development and transformation programs that are powered by Consciousness™ and that are purposefully aimed at empowering a leader or manager in any job to execute business process improvement methodology that will create lasting impact and superior results.

We help create leaders who have an evolving awareness, who are insightful, innovative and principled. We guide them to make choices and decisions differently, to be and act in the moment. This enables them to awaken to their own as well as their organizations’ full potential and aids them to engage in meaningful dialogue for improved collaboration and success.

Our programs furthermore equip them with the ability to lead while seeing the bigger picture. It enables them to consider how their decisions impact everyone and everything involved, creating a far more sustainable result than that of old leadership styles.

Business and Executive Coaching

Companies all across the world are realizing that coaching has become essential to the sustainable success of any organizational development strategy, far more valuable than any other Resources. Not just for every manager or directorate, but also for every employee. This is because coaching leads people to unlock their own strengths and capability, as well as that of others- to contribute meaningfully to the overall organizational development and operational excellence.

“Coaching grows people… Who in turn grow companies.”

Creative Consciousness has a well-positioned number of certified professional coaches with demonstrated capability in all areas of business. All our executive and leadership coaches are fully capable of tackling all of those issues through the Consciousness Coaching® methodology to make a powerful difference in the lives of our executive and leadership clients. We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients feel heard and that they walk away liberated and more aware of how to move forward constructively.

Corporate ICF Accredited Coaching Training

Our Corporate Coaching Program – Powered by Consciousness™ is a ground breaking ICF accredited coach training program that accredits people within the organization as coaches.

A first of its kind for the corporate market – it creates a ‘conscious way of being’ as a leader, team member and organization. It will revolutionize the way your employees think, live and act in business.

Delivered by internationally qualified and experienced coaches, this dynamic and constructively challenging program will empower your people to be highly effective communicators and inspiring leaders. It will also create enhanced team collaboration with greater levels of motivation, inspiration and effective action.

Ultimately it is designed to improve or accelerate business processes sustainably through creating consciousness that naturally translates into enhanced profitability and operational excellence.

A Peak Into Creative Consciousness Corporate

A few moments with our Senior Executive Trainer - Mark Fraser-Grant

What if your team would be absolutely inspired, focused and driven to succeed? See what can happen:

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