DCTP Diploma Coach Training Program (ICF ACTP)

CCI's DCTP Diploma Coach Training Program offers a unique, holistic and complete coaching training on the level of Professional and Consciousness Coaching®.

Our coach training curriculum is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest global professional organization in the coaching profession. Successful completion of our coach training curriculum allows you to obtain a diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®.

The DCTP consists of 3 modules of each 4 training classroom days, mentor coaching webinars, online coaching practise and self study assignments.  

By the end of the DCTP, students will have:

  • Completed their awareness on the professional coach level.
  • Acquired the ability to introduce Consciousness Coaching® Awareness Creations (ACs).
  • Maximized their power to impact consciousness using language.
  • Being powerful in attracting desired circumstances.
  • Achieved the competence to professionally coach.
  • Achieved the maturity to register for the CCA exam component and acquire the ICF recognized “Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®”.


This unique coach training process was developed over the last 20 years by Marc Steinberg, MCC who devoted his life to the study and exploration of human consciousness, making his discoveries accessible as Consciousness Coaching®. CC® makes coach-BEING organic – honouring and aspiring to Mahatma Gandhi’s credo: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

DCTP Coachtraining
€ 2390
ICF Coaching Exam Pack
€ 1295
DCTP & Exam Pack
€ 3225


Here, you can purchase the DCTP - the in room coaching training.

It is also possible to purchase the ICF accreditation coaching exam package with CCI as well, but only as part of the package with the DCTP courses. Otherwise, ICF's requirements of a minimum number of hours of practice is not fulfilled and you can't really sit for the accreditation exam.

As you can see, a package purchase gives you a sizeable discount too!

Please not that if you buy only the exam component, you'll be asked to purchase the DCTP trainings as well.