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“A new way of closing a year with success by all means. A solid basis with a clear mind to build on the fundament for the upcoming year overall a charming and stressless program, some easy yoga and light meditation covered with the excellent music and all people joining the closing of the event with a nice party.” 

New Year Creation Retreat

Helmut Rainalter, Munich, Germany


“This is a unique experience of making conclusions of the year as well as working out plans
for the future in a very warm space of connection and creativity which helped me
create the vision of my future. Thank you.“ ​

New Year Creation Retreat

Svetlana Nemolyakina, Moscow, Russia


"I feel fully empowered as a coach, the course has been excellent. I have experienced personal growth, acquired amazing tools and learned new insights into the nature of reality. Consolidating all of this into my being will not only help me to be a great coach, but also to attract clients seeking the same transformation. I am grateful to the CCT team for their expertise, guidance and passion for empowering people through coaching.​"

Consciousness Coach Training 2020

Jarlath Devaney, Netherlands

“Dear Marc, you are on my mind this morning. In my reflection space; I looked back at my journey and am amazed at how far I've travelled. I am in a place of gratitude and thought I'd drop you an acknowledgement message to say THANK YOU!!

I recall the weeks leading up to my attending Conscious Living. I was in a place of total surrender to life; having taken a decision to resign from my full time job; due to circumstances in that company; which had left me hopeless about who we are as a humanity. In my hopelessness I found myself crying out to God. I could not understand why and how people could be so nasty.

So I decided to leave, not knowing what the next step was. All I knew, was I needed out. As I googled a couple of training courses; it was then that I came across your website and voila, I landed at the training. Prior to this, I had been reading your book!! So all seemed to flow and I knew in my heart, that I needed to explore this new opportunity opening up.

Not in my wildest dreams then, could I ever imagine the journey: The highs and the lows, the breakdowns and breakthroughs, the wisdom and the foolishness, the madness so pure, so crazy, so beautiful.

Today, I stand whole with a measure of fullness of heart. My passion and calling for the heart of humanity re-ignited.

I can never thank you enough for having the courage to listen to the call of your heart, to establish Creative Consciousness®. This space has brought so much Light and Love.

As I grow and flourish, I begin to stand tall, courageous, brave, full of love, full of hope and significance and insignificance in this life. Not only has your work being instrumental to transforming me, but has allowed all my loved ones, to transform in their own journeys.

Marc, I could go on and on about how deeply grateful I am. My story has moved from victim to victor and your character in my life book, underlies the greatest transformation work I’ve ever undertaken.

I acknowledge you. Your humanity; your heart. May the Divine expand your territory and may Love expand and conquer and have dominion. May you be granted every desire to be more of you. Thank you and thank you. Until we meet again in the next chapter of our life books.

With so much Love and Light”

Conscious Living 1

June Hilton, Johannesburg, South Africa

“CL3 is the most heart warming initiation to dance with life.”

Conscious Living 3

Ilse Pierard, Antwerp, Belgium

Artist & Playforest Keeper

“This training adds so much positive value, that you are selling yourself short by not taking it”

Conscious Money

Dana Jonker, Voerendaal, Netherlands

School Teacher

It`s a life changing experience.

The experience of being a wave is magical,trust in life and my journey is bigger than ever before”

Conscious Living 3

Els Bockaert, Aalter, Belgium

Primary School Teacher

“An extremely opening and revealing experience.
It helped me to find focus and clarity for the upcoming year and the rest of my life.
Beautifully authentic leadership. Marc and the Team showed what awareness is about.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Thierry Schneiders, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yoga Teacher

It shifted my relation to money a total 180 degrees”

Conscious Money

Lisette van Knippenberg, Eindhoven, Netherlands


“This New Year Creation Retreat is a beautiful way to let things go that no longer serve you,

to be able to look at what can be looked at closer and integrated

and what you authentically wish to create in the years to come.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Joyce Bosch, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Massage Therapist

“My biggest breakthrough since my Conscious Living 1 in May 2015 has been taking responsibility

to create a new reality for myself, in both my personal and professional life. 

My coaching business is growing slowly but surely. With that I am experiencing a whole

new sense of fulfilment which filters through to my personal life. 

I have to smile when a coaching prospect across the globe finds me and inquires about coaching,

our trainings or the Enneagram. Since I joined the CC Trainer Academy I also started

facilitating and coaching in corporate which I absolutely love. 

Now for those of you who remember me from my CL1, the "Poor Me" trapped by

her thinking and feeling and needing to look good ... this might sound like a miracle.

Believe me, I’m still pinching myself at times. 


Would you believe that I broke even last year and recovered my CCI investment?

Doing what I love doing. Coaching and training others back to life, passion and purpose. 


Yes, I still have a long way to go. Transformation is never a done deal. And yet,

being my word, keeping my integrity in check and constantly working towards goals

with my very own coach keeps me moving forward. In a direction of MY choosing. 


My life has a whole new flavor. In summary, coaching as a way of life has empowered me to

be a better parent and re-committed wife. Giving my children wings to fly inspires me daily.  
Seeing my clients stretch themselves to achieve their goals and beyond is humbling

and rewarding.  Being a part of the transformation in our wonderful participants

during trainings and retreats is honestly priceless. 

And the best part of it ... you too can do the same.”

Conscious Living 1

Sibylle Sharon, Johannesburg, South Africa

Certified Consciousness Coach, Trainer and accredited Enneagram Practitioner 

“Before participating in Conscious Living 1, I was struggling to be authentic

and was often surrounded by negative issues at the office where I used to work. 

During the training, I unlocked my real energy and could let go of victimhood

I had been carrying for a long time. 

Creative Consciousness triggered a great shift in me and after the training,

I live a lot more confidently, fulfilled and authentically”.  

Conscious Living 1

Megumi Hauessler, Hamburg, Germany  
Coach and Member of CC Trainer Academy

"Conscious Aging is by far the most intense course I ever took. Looking for the purpose of ones life, what a challenge! I recommend C.A. to anyone who wants to age consciously and happily!"

Conscious Aging

Mieke Savenberg, Belgium

When my partner and me decided to have kids, I stopped taking contraceptives and I never imagined what rollercoaster I was about to step into.  I got pregnant after 6 months and after a first positive ultrasound and a heartbeat we found out at 9/10 weeks we had lost this pregnancy.  An emotional happening but as I knew already this happens we picked up we're we started and after another 6 months I was pregnant again. And again we lost this pregnancy in the same way at 9/10 weeks. At that time I already started my creative conscious journey and I had some tools to let these happenings pass and go on.  But also our third pregnancy stopped at 9/10 weeks and I even had a very severe complication in my uterus (life threatening situation) which really was a very traumatic experience for me. Marc was leading the Relationship course and gave me the advice to do the Shadow & Light Retreat. 


The Shadow & Light Retreat let me see a deep pain I have in me and even went further to the generation of my mother (who also lost a pregnancy at 9 months) and my grandmother (who lost her mother in a very traumatic way). I came aware that I can't have children but if children will come to me - they will be given to me.  This awareness let me come to peace with my situation. I want to be a giver not a taker in my live. And be a mother in all kind of different ways. I needed to release myself by giving not to experience release anymore. 


After the S&L Retreat I participated to the Mastery of Success with my partner and we committed ourselves to receiving children.  I experienced 1 more pregnancy loss at 6/7 weeks (very early) - the thought of releasing was still there and even though also very painful, there was acceptance - no fighting of what was coming.  

2 months later i became pregnant of our first child - a little boy called Zeno and 2 years later we received our daughter Lora. 


I am so very grateful that Marc and the Shadow & Light Retreat gave me this very deep transformation! I wish for people who is experiencing loss, release, pain and suffering to have this same transformation! 

Shadow & light Retreat

Sofie van de Wauwer, Belgium

I was extremely frustrated and stuck in my career, which caused a lot of self-criticism and resentment towards myself and the world. I felt lost and sad! Whilst I knew I was capable of SO much more,  and intellectually knew that I was capable of creating my own reality.....I still couldn't seem to create the career/success that I wanted!  


My greatest insight in doing consciousness coaching was that blaming myself - was playing victim! And therefore not taking responsibility for my life. I also realised that most of what I did, was out of the need to get approval from others and look good. 


This work has given me back MY POWER. And that is FREEing!!!   

So now, I create the work that is aligned with my bigger vision. I am inspired and have so much more FUN!! I feel alive again!! 

Consciousness Coaching Training

Jenny Hartly, Capetown,  South Africa 

Where I was: Prior to starting my journey with Creative Consciousness, I was so frustrated – there was so much more I wanted to do with myself, my life and didn’t think that I had what it took to make the change.  Coaching and training had been a profession I’d been inspired to follow yet held myself back with limiting thoughts (that I now realise) of ‘’I’m not good enough, not worthy’’.  I hated public speaking and knew that if I was to go into my desired profession, this would be something I’d need to overcome, yet internal conversations held me back i.e. : what if people resist me, challenge me, what if I don’t have the answers to their questions? Then one day, a inspiring man I happened to meet on a training said to me ‘’Sue, it’s not what you know, but who you are that matters’’ … and that was the beginning of a journey  I have never looked back on … 


Where I am now: after having embarked on the full CC Accreditation in 2010, I left the corporate world in 2011 to start my own business, engaging, empowering and energising people to realise their purpose, potential and passion – through coaching, training/ facilitation and customised interventions.   


I also guided and supported my husband do the same in 2014, something that he’d been resisting for his own reasons.  Each year has brought me challenges –bringing me opportunities to learn and grow.  Whilst representing my own business, I also have a few circles of inspiring people that I collaborate with and represent.  


My greatest insights along the way:  realising the power that exists within me to own my limitations and / or obstacles and to create something purely from the making the commitment and being in action to do so.  My ability to connect with individuals and groups of people has been enhanced at a deeper level, allowing me to not take responsibility for others and their decisions, yet support them to take ownership. I’m far more incorruptible, speak up more confidently and am not afraid to say ‘No’.  I am open to sharing my story, be vulnerable, take risks, create a empowering context in the midst of anxiety, uncertainty and fear, something that has supported me through tough times. I’ve learnt to embrace my shadows (that I am still finding!) and celebrate who I am holistically and authentically.  This has brought me the most incredible peace, power and possibility! I know I am enough, I know I am worthy!  The great news is that I know there is still so much more for me to explore and am open and available to these – whatever they are. 

Consciousness Coaching Training

Sue Schreuder, Johannesburg, South Africa

CCI Trainer 

I was very happily getting on with life and I had absolutely no idea that I wasn't thriving.  
In May 2009 I began a life changing process beginning with Conscious Living 1, the training empowed me to truly LIVE and THRIVE. 

I found my voice and I saw unconscious patterns that were showing up in my life and I was calling it fate. 
I experienced the bliss of clarity, the natural internal strength I knew I had but didn't know how to access. I began speeking in an effective and meaningful manner and standing in my power. There was no going back for me. 

Each module exposed another layer of 'stuff', and gave me skills, tools and a whole new language. 

I am a much better person, wife, mother and friend thanks to this program. 
I am a consciousness coach, waking up early each morning excited for the day ahead. 
I have found my place, I feel that I am doing what I was put into this world to do and I found that clarity through  Consciousness Coaching International. 

Conscious Living 1

Robyn Shani, Johannesburg, South Africa

Consciousness Coach

“It's the best gift to give yourself when wanting to receive clarity in where to from here?”​

Soul Retreat

Nonhlanhla Mabusela, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Getting clarity and connecting on a deeper level with my purpose and my destiny. Getting my journey, that I am the journey and how being in presence to my essence will fuel my journey in to Now and in that, gifting myself and others, serving a greater Whole and interconnectedness.”​

Soul Retreat

Tanja Cameron, Pretoria, South Africa

CC coach / Trainer

“Dropping it all has never been so powerful, creative & fun”

Conscious Living 3

Kenneth Poupaert, Belgium

Consultant/ Coach

This was the easiest training ever, because I had to do nothing, just be.

And that`s exactly why the training was so hard😊

Conscious Living 3

Tom Baetens, Antwerp, Belgium

TV Creative

“It felt as the longest and shortest week of my life at the same time. The longest because I've had so many insights and beautiful indescribable moments and shortest because time flew by and the end of the week was before I knew it.”​

Conscious Living 1

Els Bockaert, Aalter, Belgium

Primary School Teacher

“I have been unclear & indecisive about many issues in my life. I leave the retreat, clear and committed to a very specific way forward to which I have been struggling with for the last 5 years.”​

Soul Retreat

Brandon Kamp, Pretoria, South Africa

Consciousness Coach & Trainer

“Soul Retreat was a beautiful journey, where I discovered the driving forces in my life and how to consciously make use of them. It made me understand why so many people have so many motivations. The best part of it was that the journeys and the self-inquiry sessions resulted in a personal constitution and a ten years’ action plan starting with the first 7 days after the retreat.” ​

Soul Retreat

Burak Bilgin

Software Developer

“The most profound and ecstatic way to make sense of the past and the future in a passionate here and now. An absolute must have for those who desire to make something of life.”

Soul Retreat

Sacha Steuns, Den Bosch, Netherlands

Coach and Trainer

“When you are ready for it, it's a cherry on your consciousness journey.” ​

Soul Retreat

Anika Jacobs, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Human being

“It was an amazing journey, hiding is no longer possible. Being completed with myself and the pains inside myself was liberating and made it very clear what needs to be healed. Knowing that in healing myself I will also provide healing in the world.”​

Shadow & Light Retreat

Davy Gielen, Belgium


 “This retreat is a true masterpiece. Not only do I have a crystal clarity on my soul's purpose, learning about the energy is showing me possibilities for deeper connection and better communication with others. I am excited and looking forward to bringing all this back home and starting to work with it. It was humbling, unique and unforgettable experience. I am in massive gratitude of having been able to go through this life changing process and I would recommend it to everybody. Thank you.” ​

Soul Retreat

Nathalie Willems, Belgium

CC trainer, Licensee for Belgium

“I will tell the others that I had a hard lesson to learn and it was my best lesson ever. I will cherish it for the rest of my life.”

Shadow & Light Retreat

Marion Van Kraay-de Bie, Netherlands

Tax officer

“This retreat gave me insights on what is needed for me as a person to thrive and accelerate in life. Where am I coming from and where can I best go to line with my Soul's purpose. With this map in my hands I can easily decide on what aspects I better let go off or what is really worth going for. And besides understanding myself better it also allows me to understand others better. And when I take it one step further it allows me to be more compassionate to myself and others. By facing death in the eyes…appreciating life is a done deal and is my life worth living for- is no longer a question.”-​

Soul Retreat

Joyce Bosch, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Body worker

“In a practical, fun, safe and extremely well-structured program, the Soul Retreat revealed to me that there comes a time on the conscious life journey where one realises that the pinnacle of life is not death, but the true connection to one’s own mortality. It is from the acceptance of death, and the formation of the Soul’s true purpose, where life truly begins. I choose life! Be love, be light..”-​

Soul Retreat

Muhammad Dawood, South Africa

“A profound experience! I am grateful for finding a part of me I forgot about. Thank you so much Marc​"

Soul Retreat

Dave Lieveld, Roermond, Netherlands

Talent Acquisition Specialist

"Creative Consciousness shifted me from a life of complacency to a life where each exciting day is one of discovery and service".

Consciousness Coaching Training

Su Birch, South Africa

Consciousness Coach 

I did Conscious Living 1 October 2012. My biggest take away was that I had the power possibility and responsiblity to transform my life. Looking back over the last seven years I see that I am not the same man I was then. I have overcome an addiction  I have overcome depression. I had been  diagnosed  previously as bipolar, and have not needed meds for last 5 years. I was in a marriage that was meaningless -  and I now find fulfillment in the same relationship. I was an eternal job hunter losing my job regularly  - and now been consistently self employed successfully for the last 3 years. Creative Consciousness has provided me the tools to transform my life. I still feel that have a long way to gs I now know that I am capable of creating  a beautiful future, I appreciate the present and have no need to live a life of reaction of my past. 

You can do it too!

Conscious Living 1

Brandon Kamp, Johannesburg, South Africa

Entrepeneur, CC Trainer

Creative consciousness has been of tremendous value to me. I have read many spiritual books (authors like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Michael Newton, David Hawkins and many more!) and learnt many spiritual principles but Creative consciousness made those principles come alive in action. I was able to see how to shift and shape my life in alignment with my passion and what makes me happy.  Most importantly I started appreciating me and saw the substance I am made of. I started achieving larger goals and this improved my confidence and trust in myself. I was able to start my own business and expand it into a large successful enterprise that is impacting thousands of lives. I am blessed now to live a life doing what I love. I love this work because now as a qualified coach and trainer I get to see the impact creative consciousness has on others. I get to be instrumental in supporting people to come alive in lives through Creative consciousness.  

Conscious Living 1

Kirti Carr, Johannesburg, South Africa

Entrepeneur, Consciousness Coach & Lead Trainer

“I learnt much more how to become and stay free inn peace, in changing situations of life, also getting older ( I am in 80s). And the retreat is a pleasant way of using your time.”

Conscious Living 1

Leo Steuns, Maastricht, Netherlands


 “I found this retreat to be one of my biggest experience in my spiritual journey.”

Soul Retreat

Michaela Iuliana Dascalu, Bucharest, Romania


“If you want to find out what your heart is burning for and build a foundation for your legacy, go to the Soul retreat.”

Soul Retreat

Katarina Stoltz, Berlin, Germany

Life Coach

"Awesome to experience these profound insights of what I it was I was so desperately trying to get away from in my life. Integrating this gave me so much freedom and power. It was just magical."

Shadow & Light Retreat

Dirke van der Veen, Loosdrecht, Netherlands

Consciousness Coach & Trainer

“The retreat gives clarity how to see the main purpose of your life and how to make it real. There is an opportunity to live your life since your birth till going to another world. You observe it from the side and you can heal your pain, traumas, fears and you can rewrite your life according to your main purpose and life mission. The “complete repair” of your soul and an opportunity to meet your soul and to hear it.”

Soul Retreat

Nina Karbovskaya, Saint Petersburg, Russia


“The opportunity to learn how to feel and to enjoy the subtleties of the soul. The awareness about how the mind is controlling me and how it is to live with your heart and to feel.” 

Heart Retreat

Oleg Netreba, Russia


“One of the best gifts in my entire life! I got deeply connected to what's important for me in life and shed the layers of identity that have been making me run like a headless chicken in life. I am excited about the life ahead of me!”

Soul Retreat

Yoana Moncheva, London, UK

Marketing Manager & New Mother

“I came with a lot of question about « how and what» in my head and am I leaving with a lot of inner peace and stillness. It`s not the « how and what» that I solved, but developing a big compassionate and loving understanding for my Being.”

“There are so many moments you receive messages from your soul and go deep inside of you. Very safe, warm but challenging atmosphere opens up new doors. By just sharing my experience or emotions to the group, it was great insight and healing time.”

Soul Retreat

Megumi Haeussler, Berlin, Germany

Life and Business Coach

“If you would like to dive deep into the ocean of your soul and its purpose, do that. It will fill your body & soul with a smile that shines into the world.”

Soul Retreat

Sibelle Reichert, Brussels, Belgium

“The Soul retreat helped me to discover the greatest burden in my life and to release it. The insights are profound. The world is one and filled with love & gratitude.”

Soul Retreat

Marieke van der Ven, Utrecht, Netherlands

Step Dancer

“This week was a life changing for me. It was amazing to be a part of a group transforming into one heart. The love I felt was gigantic. The exercises, conversations, challenges, breaks, the environment…all helped to transform my fear into power and love. I am so grateful!”

Conscious Living 1

Els Bockaert, Belgium

“I have already taken long courses in my rich life, but they have not at all had such a big impact on my life!”​

Conscious Living 1

Dirk Staelens, Belgium

“The heart retreat has awakened the wonder and awe of a child towards the world in me. I feel energized, with the constant urge to dance. What worked best for me, to open up more, to even happier then I was and let go of fears of uncontrollability of life, were the body awareness exercises and sharings with other participants- my compassionate companions who supported me to get beyond my creations.”

Heart Retreat

Inge Blockmans, Ghent, Belgium

“The Heart Retreat provides a powerful process and space for transformation of the heart. I leave feeling more deeply connected to my body, my heart, my soul and the one heart that connects all of us. I leave feeling I have taken another step of expansion into unconditional love and passion for life.”​

Heart Retreat

Minne Gryseels, Leuven, Belgium

CC coach & Trainer

“You go from thinking to feeling and there into your heart space, the place where it all happens. That is a magical experience. Now the rest of my life starts, it feels like a rebirth to me, a start from the Heart.”

Heart Retreat

Marjolein Bos, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Social Worker & Coach

“Very powerful experience connecting from the heart and not from emotions. The joy of being together with people searching for a real passionate and authentic life.”​

Heart Retreat

Anne-Marie Hansen, Belgium

“I felt very disconnected when I came to Crete, I worried a lot and I felt tired a lot. During the retreat I went straight into reason why and I totally shut down, I felt more disconnected and I thought it could get worse, I was all the way down. From this space this retreat gave me the space to shift this to love and in front of everyone I made a conscious decision to take space, show up and speak up.”

Heart Retreat

Maaike Botma, Utrecht, Netherlands

Project Coordinator

“The value of this retreat is beyond words. I experienced things I never had felt before: feelings, rush of emotions, insight…Now I know what is missing in my life: Spirituality. In CC they take you on a path, that is gentle but exhausting. Exhausting because you get out of your comfort zone and have to face yourself on what you thought was yourself. It's a ride of your LIFE, that's worth the effort.”​

Soul Retreat

Benjamin Ceulemans, Antwerp, Belgium

Primary School Teacher

“I came to this retreat after doing Shadow & Light Retreat with an idea of working on a fear of connection but so much more happened. I was able to tackle the fear, integrate the missing parts from my Shadow & Light Retreat and find a deeper connection with myself and others than I ever found possible. I leave here with the feeling that I lost my sense of separation and the sense that I am not different anymore, it's just took me a while to find a tribe with likeminded people that helped me to feel connected to everyone else on this planet.”

Heart Retreat

Kris Nelis, Netherlands


“The energy and safe space with these lovely trainers and the connection with all the people here gave me the opportunity to overcome my fears and open my heart. To be able to let go of control and trust gave me so much freedom. So many amazing experiences and great insights you should come and see yourself. It's such a blessing to be here and from now on I `ll listen to my Heart.”​

Heart Retreat

Sandrina Wijers, The Hague, Netherlands


"The Heart retreat turned out to be a real Heart-opener instead of eye-opener.”

Heart Retreat

Richard van der Wal


“Heart retreat has helped me deal with trauma I have been carrying for 50 years. I feel lighter, more empowered & certain that in moving forward I am more equipped to open my heart with trust & access the love & connection I've been seeking.”​

Heart Retreat

Melissa Luboff, South Africa

Yoga teacher, CC Coach & Healer

“A journey to open your heart for me it felt like a sea turtle who swims for the first time in the ocean. Sometimes it`s scary, but when you go through it your braveness will be rewarded.”

Heart Retreat

Angela Verdonk

“It`s a beautiful gift for myself and my heart. The retreat releases your traumas, deepest fears, besides the wonderful mantras, meditations etc. it is filled and blessed from Marc & Tatiana. It's a safe & peaceful space.”​

Heart Retreat

Pascalle Schoemacher, Roermond, Netherlands

Consciousness Coach

“One week of undivided attention to the heart is the best present one can grant himself/herself in a lifetime. So grateful to have experienced this and it was beyond my wildest imagination, such a variety of energy work, exercises, practices, breathing, meditations and yoga, and dancing which all helped to open up all barriers to my essence.”

Heart Retreat

Bert Corsius, Hasselt, Belgium

“Coming to the Heart retreat was absolutely the best gift I could give myself ever. I knew it would be a unique, valuable and unforgettable experience; yet it turned out to be even better than I could imagine. The program is so rich in teachings, practices, exercises and energy work! There has been a shift on a profound, deep level of my being, which will enrich my life from now on. Life has a wonderful way of surprising me. This venue is one of a kind beautiful, natural place adding to the overall experience.”​

Heart Retreat

Liesbeth Deckers, Hasselt, Belgium

Fortune Teller

“Words do injustice to the sacredness of the experience. I emerge as a pure being ready to step into the world with the radiant essence that is me! Awesome!”  

Heart Retreat

Fiona Ally, South Africa

Head of Transformation 

“I saw the light and the dark and integrated these in my being. The experience of the Consciousness Retreat is beyond words and is so carefully and meaningfully planned for expansion of the individual in a safe and sacred environment. Thank you to the team, I will be forever grateful!”  ​

Shadow & Light Retreat

Ann Baret, South Africa


“The most beautiful, connecting and conscious way to celebrate the new year. Being surrounded by loving people who really get you and creating the upcoming year fully connected to who you are in your essence... how better could it start?” ​

“Became aware of so many facets of me that I never realized. Was able to set achievable goals for the new year. For the first time in my life I could map the path on how to reach these goals.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Sue Steyn, Cape Town, South Africa


“It was the most powerful and conscious new year I ever experienced. So pure and clear! Thank you so much for creating this!”​

New Year Creation Retreat

Thomas Klewitz, Munich, Germany

Interior Designer

“It was a perfect completion of 2016 and an amazing start of 2017. So deep, so powerful, so impressive! I feel like a newborn creature of the whole. I am absolutely ready for the new year.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Olga Bychkova, Moscow Russia

“The New Year Camp is what you need to start your year. I let go of a lot of incompletions of 2016 and made space available for new things in 2017. For the first time I have a clear plan of what to do on day one of a new year. Not only that... it’s truly inspiring.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Matthew Slabber, Cape Town, South Africa


“What a way to end and start a year! 2016 feels genuinely closed and I really know what I’ll make from 2017. And the New Year’s eve party was the best ever! I’ll definitely come back next year.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Dirke van der Veen, Loosdrecht, Netherlands

Career counsellor, Consciousness Coach

"The New Year Camp was an amazing experience! There are people from all over the world, becoming friends and family in no time. The assigned tasks were intense and asked for a deep encounter with oneself. Sharing all of that creates a memorable and lasting conjunction and a desire for more!”

New Year Creation Retreat

Kerstin Empl, Munich, Gemany

Sales Manager

“CCI New Year Camp was the best New Year trip and fest at the same time I ever had. I cannot imagine I could find better use of my time. The wonderful space created plenty of opportunities to revise and complete previous year and to connect with what I want and need for the next period. Thank you CCI, Marc, Natalia and all who contributed to the miracle.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Natalia Starodubtseva, Moscow, Russia


“This was the perfect way to tick off the new year. I gained completion over 2016 and clarity on what I wanna create in 2017. The trainer and other participants were very supportive to my process and held the space well for my insights!”

New Year Creation Retreat

Ali Sohail, Brussels, Belgium

Consultant on Innovation & Strategy

“I have never ever closed a year like this my entire life. Significant work was done to close 2016 and make sure it stays there and also important work done on creating the 2017 that we want. Clarity in process coupled with fun and new connections. I am consciously creating my 2017.“

New Year Creation Retreat

Violet Motlhotlhons, Cape Town, South Africa

Herbalife Independent Member

“This is one of the best investments that I made in my life. This journey allowed me to completely get in touch with the Ashley that I have not seen my whole life.”

Shadow & Light Retreat

Ashley Peter Moon, Johannesburg, South Africa


"Being here for the second time, it still amazes me how much transformational power this retreat contains. Really completing what's left of the old year and then starting the new year with a white sheet for you to create a context on. I really feel l've created a new start…And the NY party was the best ever.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Dirke Van der Veen, Loosdrecht, Netherlands

Career Counsellor, Consciousness Coach

“Magic- the word for the New year retreat. A magical way with magical people in a magical place. To get full clarity and desire for the New year and to make a clear plan. It is difficult to find the right words because this experience goes beyond words. It is an experience of a lifetime. Best New Year Party ever!”

New Year Creation Retreat

Chantal Veugen, Maastricht, Netherlands


“If you really gonna make other and better choices for the new year, then this is the place: and not only to make, but also really feel that! Deep inside you. Yoga, meditations etc. Will help you to feel yourself inside better and stronger. It is a beautiful and priceless experience and journey.” ​

New Year Creation Retreat

Marjolein Bos, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Social Worker

“It is a space where you can grow by balancing your 4 bodies: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. It is a gift for you.” ​

Heart Retreat

Judith, Netherlands

"It's so powerful to complete 2018 and create 2019 in a safe and loving space with this amazing family.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Sandrina Wijers, The Hague, Netherlands


“It's wonderful to make time to be here to consciously close the old year and open the new year. It will blow your mind what the possibilities are and what a group of people can open up in you.”​

New Year Creation Retreat

Maaike Botma, Utrecht, Netherlands

"This training brings so much more than just insight into money.”

Conscious Money

Mendy Waaijen, Ulestraten, Netherlands


“Great way to reconnect, to creating as in context setting, speech act, creation question.

A purposeful way in closing the old and starting the new in support

of a wonderful group and atmosphere.”

New Year Creation Retreat

Christophe Mechelmans, Belgium