"Whenever you see a successful business,

someone once made a courageous decision" 

- Peter F. Drucker



There is a lot of preparation that goes into attracting the right-for-you 
types of clients.
It would be disastrous to launch your coaching business,
and sit back to wait for clients.


Coaches who have done this have ended up closing their businesses sooner
than they thought. This happens because this strategy cannot work for
your coaching business in the modern-day world.


You need to be savvy and equipped on how to draw quality clients to your coaching business. This is exactly the goal of Coaching Business 360° module: 
to enlighten you on effective ways to attract the best clients
run a successful coaching business. 



The Coaching Business Module is the 'all you need' recipe for your successful coaching business.
It is a 
compilation of
Conscious Success (3 days),
Conscious Money (2 days),
Conscious Sales (8x 2hrs sessions) and
3x Group Mentoring Calls with Marc Steinberg





•    You transform all areas you need to boost your business to the next level. 

•    You will experience what it takes to really ‘be the success you want to have’ everywhere in your life - especially as a start up entering the market – and get timeless insights for creating abundance.

  • You will get trained in Marc Steinberg’s signature 8 steps conscious sales process that will help you win the hearts of your clients, guaranteed.

•    You will experience what it takes to really ‘be the money you want to have’ everywhere in your life and get timeless insights for creating wealth.

•    You get to spend more than 6 days in a supportive community of peers who
are committed to breaking through

their self-imposed success barriers.


•    You will experience togetherness, sharing breakdowns and breakthroughs, and learning

from each other.


•    You will be taught the timeless secrets of success creation and how to apply these in your professional life. 

•    You will learn about the critical difference between 'good success'
and 'bad success'. 


•    You will participate in hands-on practical sales training through practice runs (role plays) to test your skills with powerful  feedback.

•    And much, MUCH more!

"An exciting and thrilling ride to get "out-of-the-box" and consider outrageous possibilities!"

Kenneth Poupaert - Consultant, Belgium


“Self-love and money go hand in hand! My experience of this course is, if you are ready for working with limiting beliefs  and ready to step into the field of abundance, everything becomes possible” 

Vanessa Boddewijn - Creative Traffic Manager, Belgium


“CST provides a powerful space to explore sales as a way of being. It invites you to show up in totality and share who you are and what you’re passionate about and create success by doing that in which ever area you choose. CST not only offers inspiration and transformation, but also very concrete steps on how to do this in every conversation you’re engaged in. Are you inspired to go the extra mile? Sign up. You won’t regret it.”

Maurits Hoenders - Trainer, Groningen