A business is it's people.
In today's professional reality organizations need to offer more than a good pay and an attractive position. Peoples' loyalty and effectiveness rises and falls
with the consciousness culture of the organization


Conscious Leadership           Conscious Teams
Conscious Conduct




                                                                   "Consciousness is the new Currency" - Sunday Times, UK


Companies all across the world are realizing that consciousness & coaching have become essential to the sustainable success of any organizational development strategy, far more valuable than any other resources. Not just for every manager or directorate, but also for every employee. This is because coaching leads people to unlock their own strengths and capability, as well as that
of others, contributing meaningfully to the overall organizational development and operational excellence.






Our team designs and facilitates powerful Conscious Leadership development and transformation programs that are
powered by Consciousness and that are purposefully aimed at empowering a leader or manager in any job to
execute business process improvement methodology that will create lasting impact and superior results.


We help create leaders who have an evolving awareness, who are insightful, innovative and principled. We guide them to make choices and decisions holistically and empowering, to be and act in the moment. Our Conscious Leadership programs awaken conscious intelligence, limitless energy and the power to inspire, move and touch.








We are experts in combining your business goal with the most valuable asset you have:
empowering the executing person and/or team behind through their Being. Based upon your specific needs,
we build tailored workshops/trainings of any length and for any target group within your organization.
And we offer 1 on 1 executive coaching cycles or group sessions upon request.
All solutions are underpinned by the Creative Consciousness methodology unlocking increased intrinsic motivation,
integrity and peak performance. We also offer dedicated workshop programs on leadership, entrepreneurship and diversity.


Examples of some of the tailored intervention programs that we have executed so far, includes: creating high performance teams, enhancing the personal impact of business leaders, evolving company culture, resolving conflict, developing of high impact communication skills, unblocking organizational development and transformational issues.






Our Corporate Coaching Program – Powered by Consciousness™ is a ground breaking ICF accredited
coach training program that accredits people within the organization as certified coaches.
A first of its kind for the corporate market, it creates a ‘conscious way of being’ as a leader, team member and organization.
It will revolutionize the way your employees think, live and act in business.
Delivered by internationally qualified and experienced coaches, this dynamic and constructively challenging program will empower your people to be highly effective communicators and inspiring leaders. It will also create enhanced team
collaboration with greater levels of motivation, inspiration and effective action.



If you would like to hear more about what we can do for you and your company, let's connect...