Conscious Living 1 is our signature
breakthrough training, an immersive 4 day 
event meticulously designed to give you
practical tools and life-changing insights
that will reconnect you with your essence
and your unlimited power to create.  When

you know how to create with consciousness, everything becomes possible. 


- A safe space to get real with your life, face your fears, let go of limitations,
and connect with what really matters to you

- A radical level-up in your energy and ability to manifest your goals

- An insightful education on living with integrity and taking responsibility for your life

- A game-changer for releasing your past, embracing the present, and creating a happier future


- A process of transformation proven over the last 30 years with more than 7000 graduates all around the world


- A potent combination of ancient knowledge and new cutting edge techniques for delivering human transformation


- The first step in connecting to a high consciousness, high integrity, global community of master creators

Discover the mindset of creation

On this training we create an atmosphere of openness, unconditional support, and authenticity. The process we offer is the sum total of our three decades of experience in the world of personal development and transformation.


We offer you new perspectives and thought-provoking inquiries, practical exercises, empowering feedback and professional coaching from our world class trainer team.


Our approach to creating space has provided us the platform to change the lives of thousands of people all around the globe, people who are now out there changing the world through a new found ability to express themselves to the fullest.

Is this training for you?

Do you want

  • Integrity

    Align your actions with your words

  • Authenticity

    Stay true to who you choose to be

  • Clarity

    See clearly what you want to accomplish

  • Awareness

    Perceive reality as it is

  • Presence

    Be fully in the here and now

  • Passion

    Create the life you want to live.

  • Action

    Act independently from your thinking and feeling

  • Energy

    Tap into your source energy and use it for creation

  • Freedom

    Feel free, act free, be free

  • Love

    Love without conditions

What do people say?

My life has a whole new flavour. In summary, coaching as a way of life has empowered me to be a better parent and re-committed wife. Giving my children wings to fly inspires me daily.  

Sibylle Sharon

Before participating in Conscious Living 1, I was struggling to be my authentic self and was often surrounded by negative issues. 

During the training, I unlocked my real energy and could let go of victimhood I had been carrying for a long time.

Megumi Hauessler

I experienced the bliss of clarity, the natural internal strength I knew I had but didn't know how to access. I began speaking in an effective and meaningful manner and standing in my power. There was no going back for me. 

Robyn Shani

In May 2009 I began a life changing process beginning with Conscious Living 1, the training empowered me to truly LIVE and THRIVE. 
I am a much better person, wife, mother and friend thanks to this program. 

Mareli Kruger

Creative Consciousness shifted me from a life of complacency to a life where each exciting day is one of discovery and service.

Su Birch

Creative Consciousness has provided me the tools to transform my life. I still feel that I have a long way to go, but I now know that I am capable of creating a beautiful future, I appreciate the present and have no need to live a life of reaction of my past. 

Brandon Kamp