When my partner and me decided to have kids, I stopped taking contraceptives

and I never imagined what rollercoaster I was about to step into.  


I got pregnant after 6 months and after a first positive ultrasound and a heartbeat we found out at 9/10 weeks we had lost this pregnancy.  An emotional happening but as i knew already this happens we picked up we're we started and after another 6 months I was pregnant again.


And again we lost this pregnancy in the same way at 9/10 weeks.

At that time I already started my Creative Consciousness Journey and I had

some tools to let these happenings pass and go on.  


But also our third pregnancy stopped at 9/10 weeks and I even had a very severe complication

in my uterus (life threatening situation) which really was a very traumatic experience for me.


Marc Steinberg was leading the Conscious Relationship course

and gave me the advice to do the Shadow & Light Retreat.


The Shadow & Light Retreat let me see a deep pain i have in me and even went further to the generation of my mother (who also lost a pregnancy at 9 months) and my grandmother (who lost her mother in a very traumatic way). I came aware that i can't have children but if children will come to me - they will be given to me.  This awareness let me come to peace with my situation.

I want to be a giver not a taker in my live. And be a mother in all kind of different ways.

I needed to release myself by giving not to experience release anymore.


After the Shadow & Light retreat I participated in the Conscious Success program with my partner

and we committed ourselves to receiving children.  I experienced 1 more pregnancy loss at 6/7 weeks (very early) - the thought of releasing was still there and even though also very painful,
there was acceptance - no fighting of what was coming. 


2 months later I became pregnant of our first child -

a little boy called Zeno and 2 years later we received our daughter Lora.


I am so very grateful that Marc and the Shadow & Light Retreat gave me this very deep transformation! I wish for people who is experiencing loss, release, pain and suffering

to have this same transformation!



Sofie van de Wauwer, Belgium


Before participating in Conscious Living 1,

I was struggling to be authentic self and was often

surrounded by negative issues at the office where I used to work.


During the training, I unlocked my real energy and could let go of

victimhood I had been carrying for a long time.


CC triggered a great shift in me and after the training,

I live a lot more confidently, fulfilled and authentically.



Megumi Häussler, Hamburg, Germany
Coach, member of CC Trainer Academy



Beverly came to Conscious Living 1 to discover that this training turned out

to be the exact miracle she has been praying for.


Before CL1, Beverly found herself unfree in her self-expression, misunderstood by people,

and tense. The training helped her connect with the underlying emotions –

ranging from pain to anger – and release them.


Something got unlocked on a very deep level, resulting in a physical miracle:

on the last day of the training Beverly realized that

she no longer needed her glasses to see properly!

That is particularly special, given her profession as an optometrist! 


Beverly now jokes that she might end up losing all of her clients if she sends

them to CL1, because they will experience miraculous healing.



Beverly  Milun, Johannesburg, South Africa



My biggest breakthrough since my Conscious Living 1 in May 2015

has been taking responsibility  to create a new reality for myself,

in both my personal and professional life. 


My coaching business is growing slowly but surely.

With that I am experiencing a whole new sense of fulfilment

which filters through to my personal life. 


I have to smile when a coaching prospect across the globe finds me and inquires about coaching,

our trainings or the Enneagram. Since I joined the CC Trainer Academy I also started

facilitating and coaching in corporate which I absolutely love. 

Now for those of you who remember me from my CL1, the "Poor Me" trapped by

her thinking and feeling and needing to look good ... this might sound like a miracle.

Believe me, I’m still pinching myself at times. 


Would you believe that I broke even last year and recovered my CCI investment?

Doing what I love doing. Coaching and training others back to life, passion and purpose. 


Yes, I still have a long way to go. Transformation is never a done deal.

And yet,  being my word, keeping my integrity in check and constantly working towards goals

with my very own coach keeps me moving forward. In a direction of MY choosing. 


My life has a whole new flavor.

In summary, coaching as a way of life has empowered me to

be a better parent and re-committed wife. Giving my children wings to fly inspires me daily.  
Seeing my clients stretch themselves to achieve their goals and beyond is humbling

and rewarding.  Being a part of the transformation in our wonderful participants

during trainings and retreats is honestly priceless. 
And the best part of it ... you too can do the same.



Sibylle Sharon, Johannesburg, South Africa

Certified Consciousness Coach, Trainer and accredited Enneagram Practitioner 


I was very happily getting on with life and I had absolutely no idea that I wasn't thriving. 

In May 2009 I began a life changing process beginning with Conscious Living 1, the training  empowered me to truly LIVE and THRIVE.


I found my voice and I saw unconscious patterns that were showing up in my life

and I was calling it fate.

I experienced the bliss of clarity, the natural internal strength I knew I had but didn't

know how to access. I began speaking in an effective and meaningful manner

and standing in my power. There was no going back for me.


Each module exposed another layer of 'stuff', and gave me skills,

tools and a whole new language.


I am a much better person, wife, mother and friend thanks to this program.

I am a consciousness coach, waking up early each morning excited for the day ahead.
I have found my place, I feel that I am doing what I was put into this world
to do

and I found that clarity through  Consciousness Coaching International.



Robyn Shani, Johannesburg, South Africa
Consciousness Coach



Before doing the Conscious Living program,

Dorian was on anti-anxiety medication and found it challenging to open up and trust.

Seeing what the training did for his friend, Jeremy,  and trusting the advice of his coach,

Dorian immersed himself in the process and allowed himself to work through all the

suppressed emotional charge underlying the anxiety.


Also, he decided to follow the training rules verbatim (“no consciousness altering substances”)

and chose to not take his medication during the training days.


(With permission of his therapist)

he has never gone back on medication ever since,

his well-being increasing, and more inner peace,

compassion and authentic joy entering his life.



Dorian Labuschagne, Johannesburg, South Africa

Business owner



Creative consciousness has been of tremendous value to me.

I have read many spiritual books (authors like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Michael Newton,

David Hawkins and many more!) and learnt many spiritual principles but Creative Consciousness

made those principles come alive in action.


I was able to see how to shift and shape my life in alignment with my passion and what makes me happy.  

Most importantly I started appreciating me and saw the substance I am made of.


I started achieving larger goals and this improved my confidence and trust in myself.

I was able to start my own business and expand it into a large successful enterprise

that is impacting thousands of lives.


I am blessed now to live a life doing what I love.

I love this work because now as a qualified coach and trainer I get to see

the impact creative consciousness has on others. I get to be instrumental in supporting people

to come alive in lives through Creative Consciousness.  



Kirti Carr, Johannesburg, South Africa

Entrepreneur & CCI Trainer