offered worldwide aVirtual Live Training
from USA/Canada to Europe to Asia




All Coach Training modules 1-5 have been
created and are consistently updated by
Marc Steinberg, certified MCC since 2011.





Are you interested in getting trained as a coach?

Are you passionate about empowering others?

Are you eager to make the world a more conscious place?

Would you like to have a meaningful career
that brings you fulfillment and soulful success?



Consciousness Coaches® are taught not only the Best Practice Coaching in accordance
with the ICF Core Competencies and the Code of Ethics, but are also taught to support
clients with Creative Consciousness
® self-awareness tools, mindfulness and creation
tools to help them to make their life and career a masterpiece.


Consciousness Coaching® methodology focuses on training the BEING of the Coach
as well as to teaching the DOING, the technical coaching skills required to masterfully coach.

"As within, so without"

When you are transformed internally you are able to bring transformation to another.

All of this done in a lean, and elegant way that drives progress and authentic fulfilment.




The mission of Consciousness Coaching® Training is to create transformational leaders who are equipped to support individuals
and organizations with unleashing their potential and
manifesting their greatness.

600+ Consciousness Coaches® around the world have
successfully completed their diploma with us.


Marc Steinberg ICF accredited MCC has passionately
and with great precision developed a masterpiece of
coach training and methodology. 


The training is offered in English, Dutch and Russian. 




With Consciousness Coaching® Training you get:

  • An ICF ACTP (or ACSTH) level of training - the highest level of coach training program accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • In-depth training in DOING coaching and BEING a coach
  • Consciousness Coaching® model, cycle and toolkit 
  • Personal transformational experiences
  • Access to our supportive international community




"If you want magic in your life, if you want to be transformed, if you want trust, awareness, goals, energy, believe, practical tools for all of this... and so much more, Creative Consciousness and the CCT Coach training deliver as promised - all online! I love it and can hardly wait for the next steps..."


Chantal Van Herck - Haacht, Belgium



“This course is an absolute masterpiece. The structure, exercises, inquiries - everything shakes the ground under the feet to dig deeper and deeper into the core of the belief system and conditioning. The dedicated passionate team and professional delivery supports through the whole process.

Not at any time I was disturb by having training online, I didn't miss human connection, because it was all the time there! Through the screen we all were connected and it was as powerful as the training in person. I am absolutely excited about the next module and diving even deeper. The training pumps up the being and doing of the coach, so that the transmission from coach to client is powerful and incorruptible.”


Jeela (Tatiana) Solenova – Retreat leader protégé, Crete, Greece



"Creative Consciousness Coaching Training is the most powerful out there. You get stretched in a way you never expected. This is more than just a life coaching training. It is a breakthrough transformation program. Be ready to let go all of your limiting beliefs and reclaim your greatness!"


Ouedraogo Adamsbilly​ - CCTV Surveillance Officer, South Africa

“I absolutely loved the course!!! A grateful flow of shifts& transformations with enjoyment. An investment for myself to myself! No financial value is comparable to this investment. The Whole is a remarkable arena/place to experience.

The online option/ platform was successful, collaborative, global and allowed personal space to absorb process and was so convenient in my home environment. The energy still exists and transmits.”


Heena Morar - Pharmacist - Johannesburg



“This was the most incredible experience of self- discovery on a powerful journey towards supporting and powering others. The CCT program was expertly delivered and facilitated with genuine care, compassion and excellence by a team who clearly live and breath what they teach. I am in awe of what Consciousness Coaching teaches and embodies- it`s life changing!!! As someone who thrives on human interactions I was blown away by the energy impact and breakthroughs I had and felt doing this training online. Bravo!”

Ronit Gerber - Clinic owner & creator of the Smile system- Borehamwood, UK



 “It is a wild ride! I t will turn your pre-conceived notions about life on their head! It`s challenging, inspiring, positive and uplifting. It`s not for the faint of heart. If you want to be pushed out of your comfort zone and face your fears sign up NOW.”


Paula Cotton - School Admissions & “The peace portal” Healing practice- Grahamstown, SA



"For almost 30 years…I wished to feel that excited! This team are devoted builders! I've done so much work on myself, my reality, my pains, resentments, but I`ve still seen the staircase to my best, most peace filled life remain incomplete and therefore unclimbable… With this Creative Consciousness, hand-held: supported work, I can already see the steps forming, solidly, for me to climb beyond my , beyond my ego, to my most inspired, peace filled life  and I am so excited to have found this work at 47, I’ve searched for so long… I’ve coached; facilitated for almost 20 years; I am humbled, blown away by the level of this team, their tireless work ethics, effortless facilitation regardless of how complicated the processing felt for me. Thank you for helping me complete my staircase!”


Bev Milun- Speaker, coach, workshops, optometry - Johannesburg




 “A life changing experience allowing room for thought provoking questions to challenge your self beliefs. Challenging to step into your Power.

I was initially resistant to the online process (as I am a touchy/ feely person- giving hugs and feeling energy) but I found that I have become more open to
accepting this process. I am once again
amazed at the power of technology.”


Susan van der Merwe -
Head of finance - Cape


Consciousness Coaching® is not limited to your profession.

Taking part in our coach training program will impact how you show up in your life and transform you into a powerful source of inspiration for others.

Coaching as a way of life will improve all your relationships – with your spouse, children, parents, colleagues or employees. It doesn't matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager or someone looking for new opportunities: with coaching as your attitude, your life and communication can happen in flow.


Awakening the intelligence of consciousness is our 
passionate commitment to our students. 


Consciousness is key for personal growth and
professional success, and so it has to be developed
in order to operate on a more powerful,
efficient and conscious level.


Our coach training program focuses on both
the ‘doing’ of coaching and the ‘being’ as a coach
transmitting wisdom instead of giving motivational encouragement. 


We spend much time on personal development and transformation in our curriculum.

  • Module 1:   Coaching Foundations

                              4 days in-person or online live

  • Module 2:   Coaching Expertise

                              4 days in-person or online live

  • Module 3:   Coaching Excellence

                              4 days in-person or online live

  • Exam Component - ICF ACTP Diploma

                                      flexible time, usually 2 months

  • Coaching Business 360° - Build your Coaching Business                 includes personal mentoring sessions with

                                              founder Marc Steinberg


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A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

What is my investment?

Is ACTP the highest accreditation within the ICF?

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After you have become a coach yourself, your clients and all people in your life can expect to get powerful and authentic value from you. 

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