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Holistic Retreats
To Fully Discover Yourself

In essence we are all Light, we are Love and Consciousness. Everyday reality however continuously separates us from our essence. Consequentially we experience pain, fear and loss of meaning. The Retreats are the space for reconnecting to our essence, and with that bringing back the joy and the light into our lives.

The Retreat series focuses on consciousness awakening, personal liberation and becoming an integrated, authentic and holistic individual. In this context, Marc Steinberg serves as a master teacher and spiritual guide to everyone who longs for completing their transformation and grow towards freedom, love and oneness.

Shadow & Light Retreats

The Shadow and Light Retreat is an unique 8-days safe space, created for in-depth exploration and experimentation with suppressed, repressed and denied parts of ourselves: our dark shadows and our light shadows.

It is a psychological fact that only through full integration of our shadow parts the individual becomes whole, healed, powerful and free.

In this retreat we use a lot of dance meditations to shake up the rust, behind which the shadows lurk. In the evenings we bring these shadows into the “Shadow Theatre”, a psycho-drama based space to safely act out our shadows and therefore emerge on a new level as an integrated and expanded human being.

Retreat Tuition: €975 (8 days - ZAR 9,750 for SA residents only)
08– 15 May 2018 (Crete)
20 – 27 Sept 2018 (Crete)
15 - 22 Dec 2018 (South Africa)

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Soul Retreats

The Soul Retreat – as the name says – is a 8 days journey into the dimension of one’s soul. The soul is the great director behind the scenes of our lives; as fate happens to us and often contradicts our plans we remain in ignorance regarding the big “why?” Why did I get fired? Why did I get this illness. Why did I lose my money? Why did I not get this job? Why am I not finding the right partner? Why was I assaulted? Why, why, why….? Assume the soul does exist and has its own plan for your life. Assume that your soul is much more powerful than your best efforts. And assume that the power of the soul is based on its ability to navigate destiny. From this perspective, every plan you make that is not in alignment with your soul’s plan will be “corrected”; and that is what we call fate, good or bad luck, providence, etc. Imagine you could discover and become fully aware of your soul’s plan, the BIG picture of your life’s journey, wouldn’t it give you the power to align your individual desires and ambitions with the greater picture of your soul and therefore giving you the power to cooperate with your fate rather than being painfully corrected time and again?

The purpose of the Soul Retreat is exactly that: to open your awareness for the dimension of your soul so that you can travel into this realm and meet the mighty director of your destiny, read the script and receive the answers to all your “why”s.

Retreat Tuition: €925 (8 days)
22 – 29 May 2018 (Crete)
06 – 13 Oct 2018 (Crete)

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Rebirth Retreats

In this extraordinary Retreat one of the big, if not the biggest mystery of our existence is the prime focus: death. Death is on the other side of spectrum of our life that started once with: birth. Life is; and the polarities of our existence are birth and death. And as inhale and exhale rhythmically interchange each other so do birth and death.

The Rebirth Retreat provides the absolutely unique opportunity to meet death in a personal and ritualistic way and then resurface on this side of existence again: rebirth.

Just imagine your life energy vibrantly pulsating in your body making your soul smile and your senses dance! Imagine being free and open to fully share this aliveness with another! And imagine to experience a new level of self-love, self-appreciation and body-love again.

You can expect to meet your fears and disarm them, rebirth yourself into a greater You, expanded, brighter, bolder with a new passion for living. An old saying says: “If you don’t die before you die, you die when you die.” and invites us to the greatest adventure of our life. After the rebirth you get offered processes to create a fresh and powerful blueprint of authentic self-expression for your life.

Retreat Tuition: €695 (5 days)
29 May – 02 Jun 2018 (Crete)
14 – 18 Oct 2018 (Crete)

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Mastery of Intimacy Retreats

There is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn’t experience profound fulfillment, freedom and bliss in your intimacy and sexuality in your life.

The Mastery of Intimacy Retreats have been created to allow you to reawaken your abilities to experience the wonderfulness of what the body and the senses are capable of opening up for you.

Just imagine your life energy vibrantly pulsating in your body making your soul smile and your senses dance! Imagine being free and open to fully share this aliveness with another! And imagine to experience a new level of self-love, self-appreciation and body-love again.

Tuition: €845 (ZAR 8,450 for SA residents only)
Stage 1 (7 days)
6 – 12 Jan 2018 (Johannesburg, SA)
11 – 17 Jun 2018 (Crete)
1 – 7 Sept 2018 (Crete)

Tuition: €845 (ZAR 8,450 for SA residents only)
Stage 2 (6 days)
13 – 18 Jan 2018 (Johannesburg)
18 – 23 Jun 2018 (Crete)
8 – 13 Sept 2018 (Crete)

Tuition: €845 (ZAR 8,450 for SA residents only)
Stage 3 (6 days)
14 – 19 Sept 2018 (Crete)

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The Retreat Teachers

Sasha Steuns
Sacha Steuns has dedicated her life to transformation, truth and love. Her heart is compassionate and her actions fearless. She loves the retreats and empowering the people to step into their light.
Marc Steinberg
Marc Steinberg has been empowering and inspiring people on their way to personal growth, worldly success and spiritual fulfilment for more than two decades. He is a retreat Master Teacher, author and founder of CCI Creative Consciousness International. Marc has been offering the retreats since 1995.
Marc Fraser-Grant
Mark Fraser-Grant is very passionate about people, and nothing makes him feel more privileged than to be in a role that supports and develops people to recognize and consolidate their own greatness. Mark is the Managing Director of Creative Consciousness South Africa.
Alexa Mira
Alexa Mira is a passionate retreat leader with many years of experience as a transformational trainer, mentor and coach. Her heart beats for liberation and authentic way of life in all aspects of human existence, especially when it comes to sexuality and intimacy

There is an amazing location where you can participate in one of the Retreats. It is in beautiful Mediterranean surroundings on the Island of Crete

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